Friday, July 1, 2011


Oh, Canelé! Right when you think that you have heard of all the variations on butter, sugar, eggs, and flour that could possibly have been created, out comes another. I came across these when I was looking for ideas to use my vanilla beans, and my interest was piqued. Of course, it was a fine fiasco making them. They have a shatteringly crisp exterior that just looks burnt. So, if you are baker, you can see the dilemma. You have to be a bit of a hawk the first few times you make them. The inside is slightly cakey, but more custard-like. They are wonderful little treats.

Here is a video from Chow about Canelé made in San Francisco. The restaurant mentioned in the video became a bit of a mecca for me yesterday, when we made the pilgrimage to the ferry building. It is not often that we get to San Francisco, even though we live a short 4 hours away.

Here it is!!

If you want to try the recipe out, here is Paula Wolfert's, the one I used. I know you can buy the silicon or copper molds for this treat, but I think that muffin tins work fine, and give the pastry an interesting shape, albeit not the pretty one they are known for.

If you try to make them, let me know how it goes! And if you ever have enjoyed one, tell me about it!

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