Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whey to go!

I really can't believe my internship is finally over. It was such a long and hard process. While I should be studying for the exam (and I will get to that), I have been doing a lot of exciting things this past week. Like what you ask? Well, it is like Sean and I are the official DIY couple this week. I made my own dress from a pattern Sean gave me for my Birthday. Take a look. It is a novice's work, but its charming.

And then I made some Thank you cards for my grandparents and parents.

Oh and we can't forget the fiasco with the beer making last night. that was Sean's little project. he has been talking about it for the past few years, and finally after watching Alton Brown make it seem so easy, the bee was in his bonnet. He went to the local home brew supply store and picked up the equipment and got to work. Now there is beer fermenting in my closet.

But not only did we have beer fermenting. I took the liberty of making some yogurt. An incredibly large amount of yogurt. Just heat up the milk to 180, cool to 110, add some plain yogurt in a sanitized bowl, and let it sit in a pilot lit oven. Easy enough to find a recipe online, but I got mine from the Good Stuff Cookbook. And it is indeed good stuff. The only thing I noticed about my yogurt was the amount of whey coming off of it. I don't like my yogurt too soupy so I let the yogurt sit it a strainer overnight and the whey drained off. It is a greenish clear liquid that is quite tangy. So far, I have been using it just like buttermilk. I made some waffles with it, where I used a tablespoon of flaxseed mixed with water in place of the egg, and they were fantastic! (Maybe that was because I added cocoa powder to the mix. Yum!)

If anyone has any other ideas for what to do with whey, let me know. I was thinking of souring some wheat flour with it to make sourdough. Not too sure if that would work. :)


  1. Geez, you HAVE been busy!! Your dress is so cute! I didn't know you were such a seamstress!

  2. Thanks! It was my first real project with my hand-me-down sewing machine. It is no accident that those pictures are shot from far away though! :)

  3. I wish I had not been so crazy with you that day. I wanted perfection on my first try which is completely unreasonable. I wish I could have just relaxed and gone with the flow