Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting your Greens

It is the perfect time to start my healthy eating blog. Right after Thanksgiving when you think you might just never eat again. Okay, you need to eat, but maybe something light? I have the perfect solution.

Here is a breakfast smoothie recipe. Now calm down. As you can see it is green, but it doesn't taste green. So, let me explain. Every person I ever discuss this with usually wrinkles up their nose a bit, but upon tasting it, let's just say they're pretty impressed. The banana tends to overpower the spinach flavor at which you are currently wrinkling your nose, and you end up with a wonderfully sweet breakfast drink. Very filling, and usually about 250 calories.

Just think! You could start the day with 1 or 2 servings of the best vegetables there is for you, and you wouldn't even know it.Well maybe you would, since spinach contains rubiscolins, which act like opiates. Spinach is full of iron and vitamins C and E. I always say, the one thing people can do to improve their health is to eat more greens! Here is the basic recipe. You can add in just about anything you dream up. Let me know if there are any fun concoctions you try in the comments below.

Green Shake

          2 to 3 cups fresh raw spinach
          1 large, brown spotted banana (the more spots, the sweeter)
          1 large apple, peach, mango, or pear

          Blend with enough water to get all your ingredients moving. 
          Add a little ice if you like it colder.

          A handful of fresh cranberries, cherries, or blueberries
          Yogurt or soymilk
          Add in a tsp of lemon peel or a few sprigs of parsley for a bright taste
          Small carrot
          1 T of wheat germ 
          You can also sub out the spinach for curly leaf kale. 

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  1. I like green smooooooothies with frozen fruit, especially strawberries! It is always a good place to sneak in any good for you additions like chia seeds or spirulina. Also tasty is a nub of ginger